NASA's 10 Greatest Achievements

2 x 52min Documentary, 2015

Explore 10 remarkable achievements of NASA that have defined the last 50 years of spaceflight and discover their value and meaning for all mankind.


Since it’s formation in the early 60’s, NASA has continued to be the leading power in space exploration. Working with other space agencies, it has contributed substantially to the ongoing exploration of our universe, achieving incredible firsts that span the decades.

This film comprehensively chronicles the finest moments in NASA’s triumphant space program, reliving some of the most inspirational and famous moments that have captivated audiences and inspired generations around the world, over the last five decades.

Using stunning NASA archive footage and featuring expert interviews with space scientists, NASA’s 10 Greatest Achievements reveals the importance of space exploration and uncovers the ways in which this knowledge has benefited all of Mankind over the last five decades.

Nowhere is our potential for greatness more clearly demonstrated than in our constant quest to explore the cosmos, and this mini-series highlights the finest moments in a fifty-year quest.


Written and Directed by:
Elliot Weaver & Zander Weaver

Produced by:
Free Spirit Film & TV Ltd

Edited by:
Elliot Weaver

Anu Ojha
Dr. David Baker
Dr. Katherine Joy
Prof. Martin Barstow
Dr. Nigel Bannister
Dr. Richard Ambrosi
Prof. Richard Harrison
Prof. Richard Holdaway

All visual and audio material courtesy of NASA / JSC / JPL