13 Factors That Saved Apollo 13

2 x 52min Documentary, 2013

The full story of the courage and ingenuity that cemented Apollo 13 as NASA's finest hour and the remarkable actions of the ground crew and astronauts that averted disaster.


April 13th, 1970, 180,000 miles from Earth, a devastating malfunction leaves Apollo 13 leaking previous oxygen and its crew of three astronauts facing a life and death crisis. If Mission Control cannot find a way to bring Apollo 13 home, the astronauts will be stranded 200,000 miles from Earth in their dying ship.

Now with limited power and supplies on board the spacecraft, the ground teams work around the clocking, engineering creative solutions to overcome carbon dioxide poisoning, dehydration and the freezing temperatures of deep space, to ensure the crew’s survival.

Using spectacular NASA footage, exclusive interviews with Apollo space scientists and stunning visual effects; this film explores the thirteen remarkable factors that brought the crew safely home, and the full story of the courage and ingenuity that cemented Apollo 13 as NASA’s finest hour.



Written and Directed by:
Elliot Weaver & Zander Weaver

Produced by:
Free Spirit Film & TV Ltd

Edited by:
Elliot Weaver

Interviews: Dr. David Baker
Dr. Nigel Bannister
Prof. Mike Cruise
Anthony Errington
Keith Wright

All visual and audio material courtesy of NASA / JSC / JPL