Elliander Pictures
Elliander Pictures recently had the pleasure of working with the band 'Archer' on their latest music video. X-factor finalist, Jamie Afro, fronts the new band who were looking for a video to release with their debut single, 'Insanity'.

The band wanted the single to reflect on the recent devastation caused by the riots in London and had strong, clear ideas about how that would be achieved. The shoot took place in November 2011 in Croydon, at the heart of the confrontation, and featured local hero Maurice Reeves, owner of the furniture store which was famously destroyed during the riots.

The finished video has been well received by 'Archer' fans, having already clocked up over 140,000 views on Youtube and has received significant interest due to its attachment to the rioting.

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Archer - "Insanity"
Label: ENKI Records
Shot and Edited By: Elliander Pictures

Produced By: Free Spirit Film & TV

Shot on Location in Croydon
Shot On:
Canon 7D
Edited On:
Apple Final Cut Pro

Special Thanks:
Maurice Reeves