Elliander Pictures
The Price Of Freedom
This project has been an incredibly personal one for Elliander Pictures, with relatives having fought in both World Wars. The film's concept spawned from an education in the Great War Poetry and a passion to tell a story with meaning and purpose. The film uses the emotive literature of the Great War Poets, Siegfried Sassoon and Wilfred Owen, to tell the story of a single soldier during the chaos of the First World War.

To view the DVD Insert for The Price OF Freeom CLICK HERE.

The film is now complete and available to view here: The Price of Freedom: Film Festival Cut

Elliander Pictures would like to thank all those invovled in the making of this short film. We have received a huge amount of help and encouragement from many and we are greatly appreciative of everyone's time. Without this help, quite simply, this film would not have been made. Thank you.