Elliander Pictures
In 2009 we decided it was time to set about writing, producing and directing our first feature film. After a year in development and 3 months of writing, the script for Encounter was completed. The film is a sci-fi thriller intended for theatrical release. This high concept, commercially appealing film is targeted at both the sci-fi and thriller genre fanbases, giving it a broad demographic appeal.

We're both incredibly passionate about commercial cinema. There's something magical about a story told by a few that has the potential to reach millions. When we were younger, we were inspired to pick up a camera and start making films because we fell in love with the mainstream stories that defined our childhood. Studios like Disney, Pixar, Amblin and Dreamworks, have proven in the past that filmmaking for large audiences can be done and done well. Our dream is to one day produce and direct movies that will hopefully inspire others to pick up a camera and have a go themselves..

We are producing another feature, COSMOS, to support the fund-raising for ENCOUNTER, with its mulit-million pound budget. COSMOS will be our first feature film and will demonstrate our creative and technical experience. ENCOUNTER will go into production after the completion of COSMOS and once we have built a track record for long form filmmaking. Click on the Gallery Tab above to see some photos from the development of the project.

Elliander Pictures are looking for potential investors with an interest in cinema. This production is Elliander Pictures' most exciting project to date.


You can follow the making of the full feature film on our filmschool Youtube Channel HERE