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Welcome to Elliander Pictures

Elliander Pictures is a UK based Film & TV production company, our work ranges from Independent Motion Pictures through to Music Videos and Online/TV Commercials. Achieving impact and excellence is paramount and we pride ourselves in our high standard of work. In pursuit of promoting technical and creative excellence, we work alongside accomplished industry professionals, drawing on their experience as writers, directors and skilled technicians.

We both work as freelance camera operators and editors and have worked with a variety of prestigous brands and companies. This site is dedicated to the work we've been directly involved in as producers or directors. For more information on the work we do for other people, please visit the news page.

Whether you're a band in need of a music video, a budding star in need of a Show-reel or a business in need of promotion, Elliander Pictures is here to help. Please check out the rest of our site and get in contact if you have any queries, suggestions or requests.